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Kidney Stone Analysis

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Kidney Stone Analysis

Calculi Stone Analysis; Calculus (Stone) Analysis; Prostatic Stones; Renal Calculi; Urinary Calculi

Test ID
General Information

Useful for managing patients with recurrent renal calculi

Upon arrival in the performing laboratory, all stone specimens and the containers they are received in will be inspected. Prior to analysis, stones must be clean and dry. If the stone, or its container, has any amount of moisture, blood, or foreign material present, the laboratory will add the STNPC and perform cleaning and drying of the specimen at an additional charge

Specimen Type

  • Stone

  • Sources: Bladder, kidney, prostatic, renal, or urinary

Specimen Requirements

Sterile Container

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions
Required Information

Specimen source is required


  • Ambient (preferred): Not mentioned

  • Frozen: 365 days

  • Refrigerated: 365 days

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

All specimens will be evaluated at Mayo Clinic Laboratories for test suitability


Infrared Spectrum Analysis

Estimated TAT

2-4 days

Testing Schedule



7 days

CPT Code(s)


Additional Information
Minimum Sample Volume

Entire stone

Reference Range

The presence of a kidney stone is abnormal. A quantitative report will be provided after analysis.

Reflex Conditions

STNPC: Stone Processing Charge

Performing Lab


LOINC Code(s)

40787-4, 31208-2, 9795-6