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Monoclonal Protein Study, Random, Urine

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Monoclonal Protein Study, Random, Urine

Bence Jones Urine; Heavy Chains Urine; Immunoelectrophoresis, Urine; Immunofixation, Urine; Kappa Chains Urine; Lambda Chains Urine; Light Chains Urine; Paraprotein; Special Protein Studies, Urine; Immunofixation Electrophoresis (IFE)

Test ID
General Information

Useful for:

Specimen Type

Random Urine

Specimen Requirements

Urine Cup

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

  • Supplies:

    • Urine Container, 60 mL

    • Aliquot Tube, 5 mL

  • Submission Container/Tube: Plastic, 60-mL urine bottle and plastic, 5-mL tube

  • Specimen Volume: 50 mL

  • Collection Instructions:

    • Collect random urine specimen

    • Aliquot at least 25-mL specimen in plastic, 60-mL urine bottle and at least 1-mL of specimen in plastic, 5-mL tube

    • Label specimens appropriately (60-mL bottle for protein electrophoresis and 5-mL tube for protein, total)


  • Refrigerated (preferred): 14 days

  • Frozen: 5 days

  • Ambient: 24 hours

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

All specimens will be evaluated at Mayo Clinic Laboratories for test suitability.


  • Monoclonal gammopathies are rarely seen in patients younger than 30 years of age

  • Hemolysis may cause a discrete band on protein electrophoresis, which will be negative on immunofixation

  • Penicillin may split the albumin band

  • Radiographic agents may produce an uninterpretable pattern


PTCON: Turbidimetry
RPEU: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
RIFXU: Immunofixation

Estimated TAT

3-5 days

Testing Schedule


Test Includes

  • Protein, Total, Random

  • Immunofixation, Random

  • Immunofixation Flag, Random

  • Albumin

  • Alpha-1 globulin

  • Alpha-2 globulin

  • Beta globulin

  • Gamma globulin

  • A/G ratio

  • M spike

  • Impression

CPT Code(s)

84156; 84166; 86335

Additional Information
Minimum Sample Volume

25 mL

Reference Range


    • No reference values apply to random urine


    • The following fractions, if present, will be reported as mg/dL:

      • Albumin

      • Alpha-1-globulin

      • Alpha-2-globulin

      • Beta-globulin

      • Gamma-globulin

    • No reference values apply to random urines

Performing Lab


LOINC Code(s)

13992-3, 13990-7, 13993-1, 13994-9, 13995-6, 44293-9, 42483-8, 42483-8, 49299-1, 2888-6, 74666-9