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Good Smears Equal Good Medicine

By Ayumi I. Corn, M.D.

Accurate interpretation of bone marrow specimens is highly dependent on two factors: the quality of the sample obtained during the procedure and the quality of specimen processing, in particular the preparation of the bone marrow aspirate smears.

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Working Up Breast Cancer Subtypes

By Amy M. Backer, M.D.

Determining classification of breast cancer subtypes is important to oncologists and their patients because it helps them formulate an individualized treatment approach that will provide the highest efficacy, lowest toxicity and best chance for a good outcome.

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Cystic Thyroid Nodules (CTN) - Summary Points

By Felix Martinez Jr, M.D.

Cystic thyroid nodules (CTN) are very common and are frequently aspirated for cytology examination. In what follows, I attempt to summarize notes, key points, and my experience with cystic lesions.

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