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Acid-Fast Bacteria Stain

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Acid-Fast Bacteria Stain

Kinyoun's Acid Fast Bacteria, AFB

Test ID


Specimen Type

Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue blocks (FFPE). If tissue blocks are not available, unstained slides are acceptable (please submit 1–2 slides per antibody to be tested, cuts must be 4 microns thick).

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

Tissue removed during a surgical procedure and placed in 10% NBF soon after removal from the patient. Appropriate tissue for requested staining.

Required Information

Complete the Incyte Diagnostics requisition with the patient's demographics and relevant clinical history.


Ambient: Indefinite

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

Slides or paraffin blocks with no tissue remaining. Samples fixed in fixatives other than 10% neutral buffered formalin. Paraffin blocks that have been overheated or frozen.

Department (code)



Special Stain, Ventana BenchMark Special Stainer (Spokane, Bellevue)

Special Stain, DAKO Artisan (Richland)

Estimated TAT

12 business days from receipt

Testing Schedule



Blocks: 10 years
Slides: 10 years

CPT Code(s)