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Bence Jones Quantitative, Urine

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Bence Jones Quantitative, Urine


Test ID
General Information

Bence Jones protein quantification by urine protein electrophoresis. NOT recommended as a stand-alone test, order Protein Electrophoresis Reflexive Panel, Urine instead.

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

24 HOUR URINE refrigerate during collection

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

Measure and record TV,
Make 2 aliquots: 50 mL for Bence Jones- Imm
and 10 mL for Total Protein - Chem
SPS, 2 extra labels print, "LIMBJ1, LIMBJ2"; Send labels with the specimen to Immunology. DO NOT make extra aliquots, Immunology has to concentrate the URINE and uses the extra labels for the new concentrated specimen. Also make copy of request form for Immunology.

Minimum Sample Volume

 25 mL urine (BJ); 5 mL urine total Protein

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

Specimen with preservatives or RANDOM Specimen

Department (code)



Agarose Electrophoresis (AEP)

Testing Schedule

Monday - Friday

Test Includes

TPINT              Interval
TPTV               Total Volume
TPPU               Protein (Total), URN
TPPT               Protein (Total)/24 hr, URN
BJPT                Bence Jones Quant, URN
URMCID       Monoclonal Component ID, URN

CPT Code(s)

84156, 84166

STAT Orderable (Y/N)


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LOINC Code(s)