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Extended Stool Parasite Exam

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Extended Stool Parasite Exam

O & P-Stool, O&P;-Stool, Ova & Parasites-Stool, Parasites-Stool, Strongyloides, worm

Test ID
General Information

Primarily for the detection of helminths and amoeba other than Entamoeba histolytica. 

Container Type

Para-Pak Ultra Eco-Fix

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

The specimen is ideally passed into a bedpan but must not be contaminated with urine. Alternatively, a large plastic bag or “saran wrap” may be placed over the toilet seat opening and the specimen passed into the bag.

Place specimen into preservative within 30 minutes of passage or collection. Follow instructions on the container. DO NOT fill above the red line indicated on the container.

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

Submit up to 3 specimens on separate days


Room temperature 

Department (code)

Microbiology (MC)


Wet Mount, Trichrome

Testing Schedule

Mondays - Fridays. Not on Holidays

Test Includes

Code           Name
SDES           Specimen Description
SREQ          Special Requests
EX                 Exam
RPT              Report Status

CPT Code(s)

87177, 87209

STAT Orderable (Y/N)


Performing Lab


LOINC Code(s)