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Organism Identification, Bacterial

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Organism Identification, Bacterial

Organism ID, Bacterial

Test ID
General Information

Identification of routine bacteria to genus or species level. Pure isolate of aerobic or facultatively anaerobic organisms; identification of multiple organisms will result in an additional fee(s).

Specimen Type

Agar plate

Alternate Specimen Type

Agar slant

Specimen Requirements

Bacterium derived from cultured clinical sample. Pure culture of aerobic bacteria on agar plate taped shut or slant.

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

Viable colonies macroscopically visible. Maintain isolate at room temperature. Maintain a subculture at the submitting laboratory.

Minimum Sample Volume

Viable colonies

Additional Processing Details

Label sample. Include any special identification instructions. Note: Identification of atypical organisms may require an additional charge.


Room temperature: 48 hours

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

Crushed agar plate; broken tube; improper labeling; mixed culture


This test is for the identification of “routine” bacteria; those found to require extensive biochemical testing require an additional charge.

Department (code)



Biochemical testing

Estimated TAT

2-10 days

Testing Schedule


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Performing Lab

Incyte Diagnostics

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