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Zinc, Serum

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
Zinc, Serum


Test ID
General Information

The concentration of zinc is determined by an assay that uses atomic absorption and has a reportable range of 5 - 200 mcg/dL and imprecision of <4 %CV.

Specimen Type


Alternate Specimen Type

6 mL blood in Royal Blue Trace Metal Tube (No additive)

Specimen Requirements

10 mL blood in RED SARSTEDT plastic syringe. Sample must not have contact with glass or rubber.

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

Remove plunger & centrifuge Sarstedt Syringe or Royal Blue top tube. Separate serum with plastic pipette, place in plastic tube and refrigerate serum

Note: The royal blue top tube is designed to draw for trace metals even though it is GLASS. However, you must aliquot into a plastic vial - ASAP

Minimum Sample Volume

requested: 2.0 mL serum
minimum: 1.5 mL serum

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

any GEL separator tube

Department (code)

Chemistry, University (CHU)


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Testing Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

CPT Code(s)


Reference Range

Units: mcg/dL

0-6 days: 65-140
7 days+: 60-120

0-6 days: 65-140
7 days+: 60-120

Performing Lab

UW Laboratory

LOINC Code(s)